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What I Wore: Bird Print Midi Skirt

  I ordered this top from Jumia when they were having a sale,it was about N1,000+  then (they do the maddest sales btw) and since it was my first time ordering from them I thought I would  have to wait a whole month like some other stores (side eye) but it took 3 days. They now do same day delivery! How cool! Top: Jumia // Skirt: Here //[...]

What I Wore: Isiagu Top and Lace Up Heels

For a long time,my life felt very stagnant.I was always waiting for someone/people to help/save me,I just never felt I could do anything.Well no one came and I was sick and tired of being in the same place so I started doing things myself,ill start and stop halfway because I didn't have enough confidence in myself . I realized I wasnt alone,the creator of t[...]

What I wore: Monochromatic Blue

Monochromatic ( mon·o·chro·mat·ic) in fashion means wearing an outfit comprised of only one color head to toe; it can be of the same shade or different shades, the idea is to keep the shades in the same hue. It can be bright,dark or my personal favorite nude Read: Fashion Week Trend: Culottes Cant wait to give you guys details on this wig I made,[...]

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