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What I wore: Floral Tshirt X High Waist Pants

I hate Nysc! I can't go a day without saying that! My PPA has nothing to do with what I studied, it takes up a lot of my time, the money is non-existent! I tried absconding in July but that didn't work out ( My grandma wasn't having that lol) What saddens me more is the time I'm wasting, Ill literally come home sometimes and lay on the floor tired and cr[...]

Maxi Shirt, High Waist Shorts and Gladiators

HIYA!!' I ordered this off, immediately I saw it on their site,I knew I was going to rip it at both sides to make a maxi t shirt! I got my shorts from retro religion but it doesn't fit right,I've lost a lot of inches off my waist so some clothes don't look right even after fitting them The maxi shirt covers the bulge in front of the shorts w[...]

What I Wore: Ankara Fringe Dress

(Photography by Ari Labadi) I've been lusting over this Ankara fringe dress for sooooo long! It appeared it my 'What to wear for graduation" post some time ago, super happy I finally got it! The dress is made of jersey fabric,I have to add a zip at the back tho,When I wore it I was quoting "I can do all thing through Christ,the struggle was sooo deep!" loo[...]

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