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What I Wore: Neon Kimono

I'm feeling kimonos right now! I love how versatile they are,you can wear them to a party,work or the beach you just have to make sure you style it correctly so you don't look like a house wife stuck in her robe. Personally I get a superhero feeling when I put one on,especially when its windy! I don't know who named it kimono it should be called Kimo-YES![...]

What I wore: Floral Tshirt X High Waist Pants

I hate Nysc! I can't go a day without saying that! My PPA has nothing to do with what I studied, it takes up a lot of my time, the money is non-existent! I tried absconding in July but that didn't work out ( My grandma wasn't having that lol) What saddens me more is the time I'm wasting, Ill literally come home sometimes and lay on the floor tired and cr[...]

Maxi Shirt, High Waist Shorts and Gladiators

HIYA!!' I ordered this off, immediately I saw it on their site,I knew I was going to rip it at both sides to make a maxi t shirt! I got my shorts from retro religion but it doesn't fit right,I've lost a lot of inches off my waist so some clothes don't look right even after fitting them The maxi shirt covers the bulge in front of the shorts w[...]

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