So I shaved my head!!haha!!! I’m sooo loving it. I’m going to be 22 next week Monday so I figured why not do what you always wanted to-SHAVE YOUR HEAD!!! I’m going natural anyways so let’s say it’s part  of my transitioning process.

I did it myself btw…woke up like around 2am (i had to think carefully) it’s my head I’m shaving here..loool I finally  gathered the liver to do it by 1 pm :D… first I’m like..ahhhhhh!!! I can see my scalp!!!!(I always wondered at it looked like tho..hehe!!!)

I used the picture as my DP and the people went crazy!!!-I even had to put off my fone..loool

Only him understood!! :D

Watch me shave my hair!!!


Download song played in video from Jor’Dan Armstrong here

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