Thefashionengineer.com was created in January 2012 and has grown to be has grown to become one of the largest fashion, beauty and lifestyle websites in Nigeria.Sayedero Enytan started as a personal style blogger and by 2015 she added other writers who cover menwear,celebrities and events.


About Sayedero

Sayedero Enytan is the editor of Thefashionengineer blog,She’s an Engineering Manager at a Renewable Energy Company in Nigeria.When shes not installing solar systems,shes looking for ways to help her readers with fashion and beauty ideas. Her dedication and adeptness to scope out trends and bring them to her readers in an interesting way, makes her an informative source of fashion, beauty and style.

She’s a Woodin style ambassador and a contributor for Jumia’s style blog – We  love style

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  • Tade Ade Opoola

    My lady, d world wil take a cue from u. D fashion engnr is set to bestride d world like a colosus. With simple intuition & practical judgement, i cud see a potential world-class fashion company, set 2 compete with Prada, Sleek, Dior etc in d next decade.

    • Sayedero Enytan-Runsewe

      WOOOOW!!!best comment ever!!thanku sooo much God bess!!!

  • bidemi koleoso

    iLike…good job dear (y)

  • http://www.closet49.com Closet49

    We have an Engineer on our fashion team too. Science and Art co-exist. Yay. Check us out too. Looking forward to your fashionably engineered posts.

    Besos, closet49.com

  • Qudus arinola

    I so into ur blog,its so lovely & creative. Thumbs up.*wink*

  • Just ME

    I love,love,super love ur blog and your style….I have a fashion crush on you already….I also love the fact your into the whole GOD thing…You wont be dissapointed and hess!! btw im an Engr student by the way 😀

    • Sayedero Enytan-Runsewe

      loool!!!!thanks ALOT!!!!!!

  • Oni Olutola

    I’m impressed. Really nice concepts. You sure have a vision. Goodluck :)

    • Sayedero Enytan-Runsewe

      THANKS!!!! 😀

  • http://www.oneplustheone.blogspot.com 1 + The One

    Fashion Engineer extraordinnaire! May you go places and reach heights unprecedented! And may you be a role model and a pace-setter. Well done hun! xxxx

    • Sayedero Enytan-Runsewe

      THANKS!!THIS MEANS SOOOO MUCH!!HUGS!!!! **now rushing to ur blog** 😀

  • http://www.bashemikodumi.com kingsley

    hi man u are good

  • http://www.effeciclothing.com dapo osaji


  • http://twitter.com/dshairext D.S Hair Extensions (@dshairext)

    Beautiful work .. Amazing Lady & Amazing Blog ! She’s really a fashion engineer ! You’re going places and D.S Hair Extensions Canada Supports.

    • http://www.thefashionengineer.com Sayedero Enytan-Runsewe

      Awww!! Thanks!!!

      • Alli Abiodun

        This so on point and totally amazing. Who says the future aint for the youth. Ride on girl. Sky is just the starting point.

        • http://www.thefashionengineer.com Sayedero Enytan-Runsewe

          Hehe!! Thanks!!

  • http://preyesdiary.wordpress.com troubledvoices

    You are so on point. Who says the future ain’t for the youth? Ride on girl the sky is just the starting point.

  • http://teexleem.blogspot.com ismaila slim

    You are simply creative. I like your style, ur views.. please keep it up.. solidly behind you. U sure will go places hun!

    • http://www.thefashionengineer.com Sayedero Enytan-Runsewe

      THANKS ALOT!! 😀

  • http://www.citm28.blogspot.com Freda

    You are stunning!!..i totally adore your style n your blog..
    supposed to be studying n i stumbled on your blog…couldnt stop scrolling down…managed to read every single post..*coversface*..
    Keep up d good work..btw would totally love to meet you…u seem like so much fun..:D

    • http://www.thefashionengineer.com Sayedero Enytan-Runsewe

      awww!! thanks alot freda! would love 2 meet u too! ur far too kind! 😀

  • http://www.ellomennopee.blogspot.com/ ellomennopeee

    Hey! I’m always excited to find fellow engineers who are style bloggers! What type of engineering are you studying? http://ellomennopee.blogspot.co.uk/

    • http://www.thefashionengineer.com Sayedero Enytan

      heyy!!! im studying electrical and electronics engineering 😀

      • http://ellomennopee.wordpress.com ellomennopee

        That’s super cool! I did elec eng in South Africa but I’ve yet to meet another blogger like us! I’m going to add you to my list of scientist bloggers, and let me know if you’d be up for doing an interview?

        • http://www.thefashionengineer.com Sayedero Enytan

          sure i would…thanks!! 😀

  • rennie

    i love ur blog so much i’m a fashion lover but i dont really know how to combine clothes thanks to your blog i’m now learning you are my role model for reals oo this isnt wash

  • http://www.belraf.com.ng belraf

    exciting blog would like you to view and sample some of my products. http://www.belraf.com.ng

    • http://www.thefashionengineer.com Sayedero Enytan

      Checked! Nyc stuff!

  • http://gravatar.com/chydymah Kalu Chidinma

    I really love your blog. It says everything about fashion, in and out. And you really inspire me

    • http://www.thefashionengineer.com Sayedero Enytan

      Awww…ur kind words means a lot to me! I really appreciate it! 😀

  • http://Website judy

    Amazing! kip up

  • oguntunde josephine

    may u go places in Jesus name. your name will be heard for good in jesus

    • Sayedero Enytan

      AMEN!!! Thankyou!!!

  • http://www.sodasandpopcorn.com KiKi

    simply amazeballs. keep repping CU babe :)

  • yinka

    Nice one dear.Keep it up

    • Sayedero Enytan

      Thankyou 😀

  • http://gravatar.com/sisianu sisianuAnu

    ERr Actually you are now and ENgineer.. No longer a student!! Loool

    • Sayedero Enytan

      Loool!! True that!

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