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Ask your fashion and beauty related questions here by leaving a comment….Ill reply as soon as I can πŸ˜€

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  1. phew** Finally!! that email parole was just a long thing..loool.
    anyways i love ur style!! i have even passed on my obsession to my mom..she loves u!!
    so my Q is..what are the different ways i can rock a peplum

  2. Hi babes! I need ur help on ow to wear my black and white waves like printed gown. Had it for sometime now and donno wot to do wiv it.

  3. Hello there,
    So I randomly stumbled across your blog and its fun to watch.
    Keep up the good work :).
    My question though is, how do you get some of your pieces from online stores as most of them do not ship to Nigeria. or do you make use of shipping companies? I’ll like to know which ones, i.e if you do use them.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi fashion engineer..love what u do..pls rili love fashion and see lots of stuffs I wish to get..wld it be possible if u give me a few tips on how to sew dresses and skirts or any basic thing dat wld rock and rili want to learn hw to combine bold colours..thkssssss

  5. Hi, Sayedero… i’m a big fan and a blogger as well.. and i’d really like to know how to buy the domain because i’ve tried severally and it’s been a snag. thank you.

  6. Hi, thanks for the question forum 1st of all…please I’m searching for dermablend body cover foundation in Lagos,do you by chance have any ideas where I can get it?

  7. Hello Darlyn, I just came across ur blog an hour ago and gurl!!…u rock!!!! I have a question,I’m a third year Mass Com. student and I’m a sucker for make up. Do you know any fabulous make up school I can train in while I’m on hols in Lagos?

  8. hi gal,

    just love ur blog, dont know if you can help me out here, have just started a ladies boutique in SA, and am in need of designers to supply me…please help!!!


  9. Hi dear! Hope you settled back into school. Need your help with my wedding colours. I want to use orange but still looking for some other colours that will go well with it…apart from green shaa… Can you help a poor lady out? THANKS!! N how well do you think turquoise will go with fuschia for a traditional marriage?

  10. hello dear, nice blog n very nice styling!
    You once put up an eyebrow shaping tutorial, you suggested using a concealer that’s two shades lighter than one’s skin color. am vry dark, i use MK bronze 607 foundation, what shade of concealer would u recommend for this?


  11. Hi babes, very nice blog and styling…..
    You posted a blog on getting the perfect eyebrow sometime back, am a dark chic i use Mk foundation bronze 607, which shade of concealer would u recommend?

  12. Hi dear,just discovered ur blog nd I must say I’m really impressd..u use simple items nd luk fabulous,I really wnt 2 kw more abt stylin.I’m a nurse nd im not really d outgoin type..but I hav a passion for fashion…I’m nt doin bad @all buh I fil I nid sum tips fm u on hw I cn dress simple,stylish nd stil stay on budget…I also wnt 2 kw hw 2 shop 4 accesories also hw 2 get styles for my ankara,lace material etc,makeup tips etc..pls I really nid u kind sugetions.I just ended my 2-yr relationship wit my bf it was devastatin.. so I nid a make over ..again I hav an hour-glass figure whc I kw goes wit anytyn I wear.tnx for ur tym..expectin ur reply soon!

  13. hey dear please i would like to know what size u wear.. especially your zara pinafore (brown) what size is it? thanks


  15. Nice work. U ar big. Dats jst d word. Pls my qustn is; how can I get to display my works on ur blog? Also into ankara bags n shoes. Tnx.

  16. Hey babe,you doing a good job.I normally do not wear wigs but there’s this wig uve gt that full n curly.where can I gt 1 and how nuch does it cost.cos I’ll b perfext for a bad hair day πŸ™‚

  17. Hi, dis blog is amazing and I ave been fflwin up since last year till nw! I fflwd u on twitter and u fllwd bk n ave been rilli amazin nd supportive in advices! All of a sudden u unfflwd me on twitter which left me heartbroken πŸ™ howeva I still luv u n fllw up! Well I ave kinky hair problems since I transitioned to natural hair n dts ma problm. Ma hair kips gettin too hard to comb and all! Any help?

  18. lovely blog u have here. pls do u know were I can get a denim jacket and also d one’s that are like proper shirts. thank u

  19. Hi fashion engineer, am an undergraduate and i have passion for fashion, i need professional advice on how to go about it and how can you be of help to me.Thanks

  20. hey girl, u r doing a fantastic job, keep it up. lol I have da same question as Usman Abubakar. pls I need professional advice, i’m about to go 2 university and I don’t want to be looking a mess lol

  21. hi Sayedero Enytan please i need to get graphic print shirt for school ,and i dont really know where to get it , #for guys tho.. like the shirt praiz wore for rich and famous.

  22. Hi ‘Dero,
    I really don’t wanna ask a question, I wanted to thank you for not making ur blog totally superficial, for adding scriptures and all. I opened a photography blog and drew inspirations from you. Thanks dear.

  23. Hey dero, i love you and ur work, u inspire and motivate me a lot. i would really love for us to be close friends even though im based in the states. what’s ur fb name?

  24. hi dear, i need mod podge, is there a way you can help me out tried looking for it here in naija but just cant get it please can u help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! thank you!

  25. Hi, love, love your blog. I have a beauty question, I’m new to the make up game and I’d like to know what shade of foundation from the Revlon Colourstay range to get, I’m pretty light skinned (Mary Kay 507, but it makes my eyes sting) , so any ideas? pleeeasee

    • welcome to the game!!! lool….i believe Caramel will match your skin tone perfectly…Thanks alot for stopping by

  26. Hello, could you please suggest any clothes, hairstyle and smart makeup tips that will make me look younger?(about 18-19?) I’m on the drama club of my university and I’m playing on a modern theatrical play that talks about the problems that concern young people. The problem is my role on the play is 18 years old while I’m 22.(and women at 22 look older than their age) As we don’t have a makeup artist or hairdresser and we have to choose out clothes by ourselves I was really wondering abou this

    • I guess you could go with neutral colors and line your eyes with a brown pencil…I hope this helps

  27. hello, could you make some suggestions to me in terms of products to use,i did my big chop April
    2014,its been difficult maintaining since then.

  28. Hello dear….pls have u tried the shipping companies in ur online directory which would u say is cheaper, faster and has better customer service between order to nigeria and procure it?

  29. Hello dear. Great job you’re doing. I own an up and coming clothing line, I would like to talk to you about a couple of things. Please, revert back to me. Or if there’s a number i can reach u on. Thank you.

  30. Hello ! Am a newbie out here but I already love your blog. Its so rich and full of infos!
    But here goes my question. I have an orange and a brown gele which I havnt sown yet.but I need to do that asap but I’ve got no ideas kn what to do. And how am I going to accessorise it? Is there any color I should pop in the outfit or should I just go on with the orange/brown. What color of shoes? Bag? Jewelery ? Makeup? I want to look splendid! So help me pls pls pls

  31. Hello Ma
    My name is Jessica, am a young make up artiste, been a make up artiste is a dream come true for me, cos it like a hobby for but i really need you advise on how to make profit from it and get more tips on perfecting my skills..i read your blog all day and i love how you interact with everyone which is unique and rare……i wont mind working for free for a well know make up artist to improve my skill and i have been sending DM to few and no luck yet!! just curious on what to do because everyone around me seem to believe am wasting my time but i really want to prove to them that you can have a hobby and get paid from it….please i will appreciate your advise towards my challenges on my mail…Jessiasu@gmail.com….Thank you alot and God bless you Ma

    • Hi Jessica, no you’re not wasting your time- you need to believe in yourself- Ill send your mail to a makeup artist so you can intern with her πŸ™‚
      Thanks for reading all day πŸ™‚

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