How Much Time Exercising a Day Will Help You Lose Weight?

Today we know that exercise alone won’t make you lose weight. However, about three intense workouts a week can help reshape your body. The trick to achieving ...

Five Easy Tips to Boost your Energy Naturally

Any store – not just health stores – now boasts huge arrays of pills, vitamins, minerals, soft drinks, energy drinks, salads, fruits, chairs, and anything else ...

Why doctors do not recommend Fad diets

According to a recent medical report, most women in the world are more conscious about their weight but do not know the best way to manage it. Therefore, they e...

How To Get Fit For Your Holiday in Bali

Holidays sure are a gateway to relax and enjoy but what about the pressure to be fit enough to enjoy? Roaming around the streets, getting a tan under the sun, t...
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