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How to make an afro-wig yourself

I used pro-10 bohemian colour 4 12 inches ...details about where i got it here Put a plastic bag/shower cap over your hair( I'm using my doll), so the bonding glue doesn't get on your hair and its rillie easy to get off the wig cap unlike the tissue paper people use( yuk!!!) Measure the amount of weave you'll need for each track, cut and glue it on you[...]


Finally  I've changed my hair.I was going for a lil afro look so made a wig with the pro-10 outre bohemian I got in Lagos market. I got it in colour 4 and to complete the look i got  honey contacts-i don't wear them every time..It's not very comfortable P.S  Be careful when you are  buying your weaves, there are a lot of fake ones around now..make sure t[...]